Hadyn Kidd Reel


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He is also looking for a sponsor/ investor , his web details are at the end of the film


He has just started in the Acting Industry,(8 months and landed 2 parts).

The Reel above shows his acting skills, he has been told by leading Directors that he has a huge presence on Screen.

He is due to play a Viking In Ireland this autumn and has stopped working, to concentrate on getting his first big break, which he feels will not be long,for various lessons horse riding  sword fighting , Drama, petrol, car expense, etc. to auditions in London.

He needs £ 12, 000. For this he will sign a contract that will pay you 12% of his earnings for the rest of his acting career.

Considering soap actors are paid over £100,000 per year, the earning capacity to you is great.

Here are some inspirational symphony of Franz Joseph Haydyn to mellow in:

Franz Joseph Haydn - "Surprise" (Symphony no. 94)



The Best of Haydn