LAMS Mediation & Sounding Board





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Job description

. Title

Listening Developers

Job grade
Voluntary - Administrative/Leaders
Accountable to
CEO and stakeholders
Number of staff supervised
None / supervised and reporting to CEO
Summary of main responsibilities and activities
No previous experience required but must be enthusiastic and passionate about doing the job. You must be computer literate as purely based on computer researching.  You will work to your own time and schedule, be your own boss and leader, footing all expenses and training/self-development if necessary as is voluntary.  It is also administrated by using phones/mobiles/internet/Skype. You will be supervised by the CEO on a regular basis as is agreed and convenient; and you will need to record all sessions briefly maintaining confidentiality. Accept only work that you are comfortable and feel safe to handle. You can use the facilities of the libraries and cafes etc. maintaining your safety at all times. It will look good on CV and counts as work experience.
Detailed duties and responsibilities:
1. receive phone calls/emails/Skype

• identifying the nature of the client’s enquiry
• assessing the level of service required by the client
• offering and explaining information to clients

• identifying cases which require urgent action
2. research topics on issues or organisations

3. report and log all information in brief
4. meet CEO once a month or as agreed on feedback and work
5. engage clients in a non-judgemental, confidential, confident and approachable
6. give advice with evidence

• Referring or signposting clients to external agencies when necessary
7. recording details and enquiries and send the log details to CEO electronically or by mail

• liaising with CEO and making internal appointments where appropriate

Person specification checklist

GCSE - English and Maths and above
Technical skills
Computer literate
Researching Skills and ability
Good communication/administrative skills
Data Interpreting Skills
Risk Assessing skills

. Analytical skills

Learning Skills
Personal skills
Good Interpersonal Skills
Organising and Prioritising Skills
Basic bookkeeping skills
Listening Skills
Basic Time-keeping Skills
Self-motivating Skills
Passionate, Enthusiastic and Committed

Experience required
Empathetic and willingness to help people
None as will be researching all issues/data
Organisational requirements
IT devices - computer, laptop, tablet, phones, mobiles
Keeping Log Book
Creating a safe and accommodating environment
Foot all expenses incurred
Willingness to train/learn
Willingness to go the extra mile
Being professional at all times
Notification of discontinuing
Being non-judgemental and maintaining confidentiality at all times
Keeping Expenses log
Must not set-up same business
One meeting every month or as agreed
Sessions applications on own discretion/merit
A strong sense of ownership
Skype, Facebook, Twitter, messengers
Personal safety a must
Special circumstances
Notification of Holidays and illness/maternity absence in advance
A CV and career builder

Benefits from this role

A CV and career builder; and



Administration, Business, Management, Research, IT and Listening